What would an RSPCA officer do?

What would an RSPCA officer do?

This activity builds on the scenarios introduced in the activity Be an RSPCA officer in the section Who is responsible? Young people now get the opportunity to discover what sorts of legal consequences there can be if you are cruel to animals, whether it is intentional or not. 

They will:

  • develop the understanding that cruelty to animals has a negative impact on more than just the animals involved
  • gain a better understanding of some of the possible legal consequences for anyone who is cruel to animals.

Number of participants: You can run this activity with just one person or in a small group.

How long it will take: Each activity will take 10 minutes to discuss and  10-15 minutes to complete.


Download full facilitation guide: What would an RSPCA officer do (Word 1MB)

Included in this guide:

  • Activity sheets
  • Facilitators' notes