Generation Kind's Paws for Change - courses at RSPCA Animal Centres

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to host Paws for Change courses at our animal centres this summer. If the young person has a dog at home, we encourage them to complete the self-study course, which includes guides for dog training, games about animals, and other activities that highlight the needs and behaviours of animals.


A few times a year, we host Paws for Change courses at some of our RSPCA Animal Centres. 



  • RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre (Durham)


  • RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre (Worcestershire)


  • RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre (Hertfordshire)
  • RSPCA Leyborne Animal Centre (Kent)
  • RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre (Surrey)

South & Southwest

  • RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre (Somerset)
  • RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre (Dorset) 


If you live far from one of our animal centre courses, please consider our Self Study course


What happens during the Paws for Change courses at animal centres?

Over 4-5 days, groups of four young people are carefully matched to rescue dogs at the centre for discussions and practical dog training activities, with the support of the animal centre's Behaviour & Welfare Advisor.

To attend a course, young people will need:

  • An interest in learning more about dogs and animal care
  • To be over the age of 14 when the course begins
  • A youth support professional (teacher, social worker, foster carer, or other youth support professional) or parent who can join them on the course
  • Transportation to and from one of the Paws for Change animal centres

To learn more or to apply for a course, please contact us at: