Advocacy activity

Activity length: 20-60 minutes

Supplies needed: paper, pens or pencils. A printer will be required if you want to use our themed worksheets.

Choose the advocacy task that captures your family's imagination and continue the fun. Each task will engage children with championing animal welfare in a creative and imaginative way.

Once you've finished your chosen task you can submit your photos and stories to us at for a chance to be highlighted in one of our magazines.

Advocacy tasks

Be an animal protector

Litter, pollution and traffic are just some of the things that are dangerous to animals. However, as people cause these dangers, we can also help to protect animals from them. Spot dangers to animals in your local area and think about how they can be avoided.

Animal protector activity sheet

Build a hedgehog shack

Sadly, hedgehogs are running out of places to live and can get hurt on busy roads or by chemicals used in farming. We can all make a difference by attracting them to our gardens or local parks, so why not build a Hedgehog Shack where they can hibernate in winter?

Hedgehog shack activity sheet

Be a food hero

Did you know you can help farm animals have a happy life by choosing the right kind of food? If you buy pork, beef, eggs, chicken and turkey with the RSPCA Assured logo, you'll know the animals have been kept in places that follow our strict rules, and that they've had a happy life too.

Food hero activity sheet

Activities completed

Congratulations and well done to your family for completing Compassionate Family. We hope you enjoyed the starter, discovery, and advocacy activities.

Our hope is that encouraging the values of kindness and compassion towards animals will create a kinder world for us all.

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