Starter activity

Activity length: 30-60 minutes

Supplies needed: paper, pens or pencils. A printer will be required if you want to use our themed worksheets.

Introducing the concept of compassion

As a family, discuss the following statements about compassion. Or, use the statements as a guide to make a poster about compassion.

  • Compassionate people look out for others to make sure their lives are as happy and healthy as possible.
  • Being compassionate means not mistreating other people or animals, and helping them if they are suffering or hurt.
  • Being compassionate to animals means being kind towards them and making sure that their needs are met.

Being compassionate to animals you know

Now that your family has talked about what compassion is and what animals need, it's time to think about how that applies to an animal you know. Together, you can make a list of what they need to be happy and healthy.

Make a kindness list for pets

Now that you have explored the needs of a pet you know, why not track their care through this weekly calendar?

Make a weekly calendar for your pet's needs

Finished the starter activity?

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