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Introducing the RSPCA and the animals we care for!

These fun videos can be used to introduce the RSPCA and our work with animals.

Every single year we rescue thousands of animals... but don't take our work for it though, listen to some of the animals we've helped tell you all about it!


We've been making a difference to the lives of animals for nearly 200 years - find out more about our history and accomplisments so far.


Inspector Diaries

Our inspectors are out every day resucing animals from all sorts of tricky situations! In this series of videos they tell us about some real life animal resuces!






Animal Centres

Once rescued animals are taken to an RSPCA centre, branch or hospital to get the care they need until they can be rehomed or released in the case of wildlife. Here are some videos showing some of the animals we care for and the staff that care for them.





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