University students lead litter heroes project!

Each year we receive more than 5,000 calls regarding incidents involving litter.

Unfortunately, birds are the main victim when it comes to these situations, especially wild birds. On average we receive 14 calls a day about animals affected by waste and even more in the summer.

Local University students on placement with RSPCA Birmingham Education help deliver litter project

These calls normally involve swans, gulls, pigeons and ducks that have become tangled up or injured due to careless litter dropping. Mammals are also affected, with foxes and cats being the most frequent to become a victim to irresponsibly discarded waste. 

University students to the rescue!

In response to the growing problem, two local university students currently on placement with RSPCA Birmingham Education Team, have been creating and delivering a litter project to young children at two youth groups over half term, and delivering back to back sessions all day at one school! These sessions were designed to educate the children about the dangers of litter to animals and how they can be more responsible citizens.

The litter project, in partnership with Fortis Living Housing Association
, delivered educational workshops covering the work of the RSPCA, animal welfare needs, sentience and the impact of litter on wildlife. This included activities that encouraged the children to think about how long it takes for everyday items to decompose. After this the children headed outside to take part in interactive 'animal rescue' litter picks.  

Young children help collect litter in their local area to protect wildlife

Thanks to the two students these children and their families have all the knowledge they need to be  responsible citizens and protect their local wildlife!

Don't forget protecting animals from harmful rubbish is easy - dispose of your rubbish responsibly. Make sure you always recycle and reuse, otherwise put your rubbish in a bin.
It's litter-ally that easy!