A Surprise Visit

Children get close up experience of the RSPCA's work!

Last week, our Community Engagement Manager, Charlie, was giving a session on animal welfare to the local children at Bordesley Green Allotment in partnership with the Bordesley Green Police. The children were learning about how humans can help out the local birds and how to make a wildlife friendly campfire.

Children found local cat with tick on it's head

During the session they had a visit from the local cat that roamed the allotments, when they noticed the poor cat had a tick on his head, so they called the RSPCA.

The children then had the privilege of watching an animal collection officer in action and got to meet him and see first hand some of the work the RSPCA do. The animal collection officer carefully removed the tick and checked the cat over.



Children help a cat with a tick and get an up close view of the RSPCA's work

The children then got a bonus lesson from the officer where they got to learn all about microchipping and how the RSPCA helps cats and other animals like this one. What a great experience for the kids and happy ending for the kitty!


Charlie, RSPCA Community Engagement Manager, was so impressed with how the children helped the cat and said:

This was a brilliant demonstration of our prevention and education work meeting our front line services, showing how we can all work together to help our animal friends, and influence the next generation of animal lovers. Thank you to Animal Collection Officer, Adam, for taking the time to chat with us after helping the cat, Smudge.

Would your local school or children's group like a visit from the RSPCA?