Young animal lovers with big hearts raise money for RSPCA pt 4

It came as no surprise to her dad when seven-year-old Isabella Mahoney from Cambridge declared to her friends and family that she didn¿t want presents for her birthday this year but was asking for RSPCA donations instead.

Her dad, Kevin Mahoney, said: ¿Isabella is a big animal lover. She has two guinea pigs Flower and Rosie and she is also a big fan of cats,

although she appreciates that cats and guinea pigs may not get along well together so her dream of getting a cat may have to wait! She also loves dogs and will always stop to stroke dogs in the neighbourhood.

Isabella asked each of her birthday party-goers to donate money to the RSPCA instead of bringing a gift, she raised a fantastic £130 in donations.

Thank you to Isabella and all her party attendees!