Children in Care

We have several programmes that the young people you're working with / caring for may be eligible to take part in:

Animal Action Days

Children and their carers visit an RSPCA Animal Centre to meet the very special animals we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. They learn more about caring for animals along with staying safe around familiar and unfamiliar dogs.

Paws for Change

A unique programme matching young people with a rescue dog chosen specifically for them. The young person takes part in a hands on programme, where they take responsibility for teaching their assigned dog basic commands, providing the opportunity for interaction with an animal and building key communication skills.

Animal Care Apprenticeships

Offering promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to pursue a career helping animals.

Wild Things

Giving young people from deprived areas access to nature and animals in ways that may not have otherwise been possible.


Specialised training for foster carers

We are also now able to offer specialised training to foster carers who would like to learn more about supporting their foster child in their relationships with animals.  If you are interested in a training session from us, please contact our prevention programme adviser, below.
Kate O'Regan - 07715540622 /