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Fundraising ideas at school

Children with theirs faces painted

If you’re looking for fun and inventive ways of getting the kids involved in fundraising for a good cause take a look through our list of ideas to help inspire you.

Any money raised through fundraising can be donated through the JustGiving page set up for the RSPCA Class that Cares programme.


Battle of the bands/Talent content

A battle of the bands or a talent contest is a fun and different way to help raise money. Charge an entrance fee for family and friends to come watch the performances. You could give it that tv show flare by asking some of the teachers to be judges.

Dress down day/Fancy dress


Probably one of the easiest and most successful fundraising ideas is a dress down day. Ask pupils to pay a set donation to wear their own clothes to school. Or if you wanted to put a spin on the idea instead of dress down why not dress up! Ask the pupils (and teachers too) to dress up as their favourite character for the day and pay a donation.


Jumble sale

Ask pupils to bring in items such as toys, books or clothes and hold a jumble sale. You could also ask pupils to bring in homemade treats and hold a bake sale at the same time to raise even more money.


A great idea to raise money and get kids reading is a Read-a-ton, ask your pupils to get sponsors for the minutes, pages or number of books that they read in a certain time period. To make it more appealing why not offer prizes to the pupils who read the most?

Sponge throw

If you’re feeling brave why not ask pupils to donate in return for getting to launch soapy sponges at you and your fellow teachers?

Sweets/marbles in a jar 

Fill a jar with sweets and take it around each class – for a £1 donation everyone can have a guess and the closest answer wins the treats.

Teacher baby photo competition

Ask all school staff to bring in a photograph of themselves as a baby, along with a recent photo. Then mix all the images up with the idea being for pupils to match the baby photo to the member of staff, and paying a donation for each guess.

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