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Caring for wildlife

The list of wildlife in the UK is enormous, ranging from hedgehogs to nesting birds and everything in between! Human activity can impact the wild animals around us so it's important that we learn how we can care for wild animals and their homes.


Caring for wildlife

Download your caring for wildlife pack using the links below.

This set of activities aims to make children aware of the wildlife that is around them, and of the steps that humans can take to care for wild animals and their homes. As well as experiencing awe and wonder at the variety of wildlife with whom they share their world, children will learn to be respectful explorers of the outdoors.



COUNTRY: England
Communication and language, Expressive arts and design, Physical development, Personal, social and emotional development, Understanding the world


Download full resource pack: EYFS - Caring for wildlife (Word 3.52KB)


  • Initial teacher input with adult-led and child-initiated activity ideas
  • Learning outcomes and vocabulary
  • Useful websites
  • Teachers' notes x3
  • Activity sheets x 10


Indoor Activity Idea: Edible artwork for birds

Make edible artwork to attract birds to your school grounds

Get creative and make some edible artwork that birds will enjoy. See download links below for instructions on making bird feeders and animal homes to help attract wildlife to your school grounds.

Teacher Notes - Making animal home and feeders

Activity Sheet - How to make bird cake

Activity Sheet - Edible artwork for birds

Activity Sheet - Make a butterfly feeder

Actvity Sheet - Minibeast Homes


Outdoor Activity Idea: Bee Facts

Activity sheet about bees

Hide different-coloured cards containing facts about bees (see activity sheet Bee facts) around an outdoor area. Ask the children to work in teams as bees to find them, but communicating with each other only through the medium of waggle-dancing (the way that bees communicate the location of pollen sources to each other – see Bees factsheet). Once all of their team’s coloured cards have been found, return to the classroom and see what facts they have found out about bees.

Activity instrustions: Setting up the Bee Facts activity (PDF 95.6KB)

Activity Sheet: EYFS Activity - Bee Facts (PDF 126KB)

Teachers Notes: EYFS Bee FactSheet (PDF 52.9KB)


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