Key Stage 2 lesson plans

Before browsing the free lesson plans, find out how each of lesson links with the National Curriculum by downloading the KS2 curriculum map (Word, 292KB).


Farm animals - RSPCA Assured Farms
Examine the needs of farm animals and introduce pupils to the five freedoms.
Habitats - Caring for habitats
Introduce pupils to the effect that human actions can have on both animals and their environments.
Habitats - Ground rules
Develop a code of conduct before you study wild animals in their natural habitat.
Habitats - Pond frogs role-play
These activities look at how human activity in the environment can pose dangers to living things.
Habitats - The web of life
Look at simple food chains and encourage pupils to recognise the importance of each animal.
Habitats - Where do woodlice like to live?
This scientific investigation of animals in their habitats can be carried out over several lessons.
Habitats - Who goes where
Gathering evidence on different animal & plant habitats through investigation.
KS2 - What do birds eat?
A science investigation of birds and their natural environment.
Minibeasts - The compost heap
This lesson focuses on detritivores - minibeasts that recycle essential nutrients.
School grounds Part 1
Look for evidence of animals in your school grounds & identify different types of wildlife.
School Grounds Part 2
Think about what wildlife needs and how you can make their school grounds more wildlife-friendly.
School grounds Part 3
Draw up plans to improve their school grounds and work out the costs to make these changes.
School grounds Part 4
Take a more active role in planning the school grounds project and getting other people involved.
School grounds Part 5
Evaluate the school grounds project and draw up a plan for maintaining the developed area.