Wild Things

Mallydams Wood is a nationally acclaimed centre of excellence for animal welfare education, in East Sussex. Our 55-acre magical woodland brimming with animal hideaways, quiet places and footpaths to explore sets the scene for wildlife detectives of all ages.

Girls buiding animal homes at Mallydams Wood © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA photolibrary

Whether searching for animal clues, solving wildlife mysteries or sitting quietly listening to night time noises, Mallydams Wood has a host of experiences to set the senses alive and stimulate an enquiring mind.

We've encouraged thousands of children and young people to develop respect and empathy for animals and their environment as well as investigative and problem solving skills and resilience through hands-on activities, outdoor exploration and enquiry based learning.


The Hastings 'Wild Things' project

Wild Things Big Lottery Fund

The Hastings Wild Things is a 5 year Big Lottery Reaching Communities funded project run at Mallydams Wood. It supports families, children and young people to develop a positive attitude towards personal development, learning and the natural world. Developing self-esteem along with emotional and academic resilience helps families, children and young people realise the potential they have in their own lives and the valuable contribution they can make to their community.

At Mallydams people take part in a vast range of outdoor activities from exploring and adventuring in the woods to building birdfeeders, fires, cooking outdoors and planting trees. All our activities are designed to be achievable and rewarding as well as having an element of discovery and learning.



To find out more about our work at Mallydams Wood please contact Anna Herrieven