Welfare of rabbits

On average, 400 rabbits a month are rescued, collected or seized by RSPCA inspectors because they are not looked after properly, they are neglected, treated cruelly, or they are abandoned.

Rabbits are a popular choice for many families with an estimated 1.5 million rabbits kept as pets in the UK*. It's no surprise as rabbits are highly intelligent, inquisitive animals and owning rabbits' can be extremely rewarding, but do your students know how to keep a rabbit happy and healthy?

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This assembly plan provides a fun and engaging way to teach pupils about the welfare needs of rabbits. Rabbits are a popular pet but sadly lots of them end up in our centres for various reasons, so it's imports that we know the best ways to keep them happy and healthy. This plan uses activities such as a pet shop role play and rabbit specific quiz to get children thinking about the different welfare needs of rabbits.


Objective: To encourage responsible attitudes towards the care and welfare of rabbits.


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Included in this assembly plan

  • Teachers' notes

  • Fact sheets

  • Images

  • Activity ideas

  • Rabbit quiz


*[PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2016]