Enter the Compassionate Class competition

Once your class has completed at least two Discovery activities, they are ready to demonstrate and consolidate their learning with an Advocacy activity.

Advocacy activities that link to your selected Discovery activities can be found at the end of each download pack, and include:

  • Adopt A Human – What sort of owner would a pet want to live with?
  • When I Rule The World – Design your own rules for animal welfare
  • Mini Me – Imagine and design a world where humans are the size of insects
  • Britain’s Best Farmer – Find the best farmer in the country

Each task challenges pupils to champion animal welfare in a creative and imaginative way, such as producing a film, artwork, poster, or presentation. These outputs can be entered into our nationwide competition to find the RSPCA’s Compassionate Class of 2019 and win some fantastic prizes.There’ll be regional categories as well as an overall winner, announced in the Summer Term 2019.

Prizes include:

There will  be a chance to win one of several behind the scenes visits to a RSPCA animal centre in our regional competition plus the title of RSPCA's Most Compassionate Class 2019 to be won in a national competition.

Look out for full details and terms and conditions in September.

2018 Winners!

Compassionate class 2018

This year St Alphonsus RC Primary School in Stretford, Manchester won the title of RSPCA's most Compassionate Class 2018.

The children produced a video demonstrating their understanding of a dog's needs and the expectations of the potential owners by creating their owne 'Blind Date' style show called 'Take Me home'.

In the show one of the the children was a dog looking for a compassionate owner, from a selection of three potential adopters.

RSPCA Education Training and Development Adviser, Caroline Francoli explains:

It was fantastic to see the imaginative way that the class had chosen to share their learning and their appreciation of the importance of compassion towards animals and meeting their welfare needs.


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