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Compassionate Class

Could your pupils be the RSPCA’s Most Compassionate Class 2019?

Compassionate Class is a innovative new programme from the RSPCA that encourages children to develop compassion and empathy through the lens of animal welfare.

Designed to support schools promote SMSC and deliver PSHE/PSE for 7-11 year olds, Compassionate Class takes an interactive, discussion-based approach to develop emotional literacy and consider the welfare needs of animals.

Through a series of enquiry-led activities, children will consider what it means to be compassionate, understand the needs of different types of animals, and work collaboratively to develop empathy skills for their school lives and beyond.

Compassionate Class is a flexible project that can be delivered across four to five hours of your lesson time. Choose from sessions focusing on pets, wild animals or farm animals, culminating in an imaginative piece of work from your pupils which can be entered into a nationwide competition.

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We want as many young people to be part of Compassionate Class as possible!

So if you know any other teachers in your school, or a different school, that would be interested in signing up please pass it on by using the below link.