Animals and Us - Taking responsibility

Any animal that is not native to the country where it is kept in captivity, can be called exotic. As such, this could also include hamsters and guinea pigs. However, not all animals are suitable to be good pets, do your class know which animals make good pets?

This lesson focuses on an animal welfare campaign highlighting the importance of responsible pet ownership for all animals, including exotics. The lesson plan includes activities such as role play, discussions and debates to teach the children to be able to recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways and classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics.

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  • English
  • PSHE
  • Science

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Starter activities
  • Main activities
  • Plenary activities
  • Extension activities
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Worksheet
  • Images
  • Useful websites

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Welsh Resources

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Worksheet: Anifeiliaid anwes (ecsotig) gwyllt (PDF 64KB)