Farm animals - All about eggs: production and labelling

Around 50 percent of egg laying hens in the UK are still kept in battery cages. farm animals are sentient creatures and need to be treated with sensitivity and to be kept in environments that enable them to behave naturally. Do your pupils know that they can look out for information on egg boxes that can tell them which of the three different production systems those hens are kept in?

In this lesson, pupils will design a logo/packaging for eggs that have been produced in an egg production system of their choice. Their logo will explain the production system in which the eggs have been produced and provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed decision about which eggs to buy.

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Included in this lesson plan:

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  • Main activities
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  • Extension activities
  • Curriculum objectives
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Full lesson plan: All about eggs- production and labelling (Word 4.6MB)

Other useful downloads:

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Activity- What does the box tell me? (PDF 164KB)

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