A little eggs-tra space

Egg laying hens are one of the few types of farm animal in the UK that, on some farms, are still kept in close-confinement cage systems for all of their productive lives. Did you know that 48 percent* of eggs are produced in battery cages?

This fun lesson explores the differences between caged hens and free-range hens kept for commercial egg production and the associated welfare issues. Pupils learn to identify the method of production from the information given on the egg box. This lesson will encourage students to think about where their food comes from and how they can make responsible food choices.

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  • PSHE
  • Farm animals

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Starter activity
  • Main activity
  • Plenary activity
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Vocabulary
  • Factsheets 
  • Teachers' notes



Full lesson plan: A little eggs-tra space (Word 2Mb)

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Factsheet- RSPCA Assured logo 


*Figures from 2017