Caring for habitats

We receive around 5,000 calls a year regarding litter and unfortunately, our wildlife are the main victims when it comes to people's rubbish - particularly wild birds.

Animals can be put in danger by humans for a variety of reasons such as loss of habitat, Insecticides and pesticides, road traffic and litter. Everyday objects that seem perfectly safe, can sadly become hazardous when found accidentally by animals. By disposing our rubbish safely instead of littering we are making choices that could save many lives. This lesson plan will introduce pupils to the effect that human actions can have on both animals and their environments with fun activities, including our interactive game "A Day out with the Careless family".

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KEY STAGE: 1 and 2


  • Science
  • Citizenship
  • Habitats
  • Animals and us

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Starter activity
  • Main activity
  • Plenary activity
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Vocabulary
  • Story

Downloads full lesson plan: Caring for habitats (Word 76KB)

Other useful links

Story: A day out with the Careless family (PDF 77KB)

Interactive game: A Day out with the Careless family




Welsh Resources

Many of our resources are also available in Welsh, please download the relevant documents below.

Lesson plan: Caring for habitats - Welsh (Word 3.8MB)

Worksheet: ST Diwrnod allan gyda'r teulu Diofal (PDF 79KB)