KS1 & KS2 - The web of life

From the tiniest insect to burrowing badger, we share our environment with a wide range of different wildlife.

Learn how habitats provide the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants, and how they depend on each other.This lesson looks at simple food chains and encourages pupils to recognise the importance of each animal within the chain.

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KEY STAGE: 1 & 2


  • Science
  • Habitats
  • Minibeasts

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Starter activity
  • Main activity
  • Plenary activity
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Vocabulary
  • Factsheet

Download full lesson plan: The Web of Life (PDF-123KB)

Other useful links:

Factsheet: A simple guide to minibeasts (PDF 525KB)