Minibeasts - Attitudes to minibeasts

Minibeasts are a vital part of the food chain. Some minibeasts feed on dead materials, helping to turn it into useful compost

This lesson aims to explore pupils' attitudes about minibeasts and allows them to develop a minibeasts code. Studying minibeasts helps pupils to understand the diversity of life and encourages them to develop a positive, responsible and caring attitude to all living things. Minibeasts are all around us and are easily available for observation.

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  • Science
  • Citizenship
  • Minibeasts

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Minibeasts image pack
  • Starter activity
  • Main activity
  • Plenary activity
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Vocabulary
  • Worksheets 

Download full resource pack here: Minibeasts - Attitudes to minibeasts


Worksheet: My minibeast (PDF 493KB)

Worksheet: Minibeast code (PDF 704KB)