Pets - We all have basic needs - pets and humans

Do your class know the similarities and differences between humans needs and pets needs?

This lesson will introduce the fact that animals have needs just like humans, and that these needs include food, water, companionship, a suitable place to live, being looked after by a vet if they are ill, and the freedom to behave naturally. Have you seen our interactive smiley face game? This asks children to think about what makes them happy and then try and spot any similarities or differences between theirs and an animals needs. 


  • Science
  • PSHE
  • Pets

Included in this lesson plan:

  • Images
  • Starter activity
  • Main activity
  • Plenary activity
  • Extension activity
  • Curriculum objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Vocabulary
  • Worksheet

Download full lesson plan: Pets - We all have basic needs (Word 1.3MB)

Other useful downloads:

Worksheet - Pets needs (PDF 24KB)

Worksheet - What would the animals say (PDF 62KB)

Worksheet - What would you ask the animals (PDF 62KB)


Welsh Resources

Many of our resources are also available in Welsh, please download the relevant documents below.

Lesson plan: We all have basic needs - Welsh (Word 910KB)

Worksheet: Beth fyddai'r anifeiliaid yn ei ddweud (PDF 66KB)

Worksheet: Beth hoffech chi ei ofyn i'r anifeiliaid (PDF 67KB)

Worksheet: Beth yw eu hanghenion (PDF 24KB)

Factsheet: Y pum rhyddid (PDF 53KB)