Animal-friendly activities


Squirrel with nut © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA


What school activities could be a problem for animals?

  • Do we go on visits to places that keep animals?
  • Do we invite people into school who bring animals with them?
  • Do we organise fundraising events that could create problems for animals in our local environment, e.g. balloon releases?

Find out

What can we do to make these activities more animal-friendly?

  • What do we know about the places we visit? How do they ensure that the animals¿ needs are met? Are some places better than others?
  • How do the people visiting ensure the welfare of the animals that they are bringing with them? What are the problems of transporting animals to different venues? What alternatives exist that don¿t compromise the welfare of animals, e.g. DVDs?
  • What other ways can we raise money that don¿t cause a problem for animals?

Take action

Promoting animal welfare activities

  • How can we persuade people to consider animal welfare when planning visits, e.g. a checklist of what they need to consider before deciding if it¿s a suitable venue?
  • How can we promote alternative activities to visitors with animals, e.g. by developing a school policy that requires the justification of all activities that involve live animals?
  • Can we be involved in the planning of future fundraising activities?


Have we made a difference?

  • What have we changed?
  • Has everyone understood why these activities needed to change?
  • Is there anything we didn¿t manage to change?
  • Is there anything else we need to do?
  • Do we need to review the situation at regular intervals, e.g. every six months?

Download a PDF information sheet of animal-friendly activities (PDF 85KB).