Stray dog scavenging from bins © RSPCA


What are the important animal welfare issues in our local area, e.g. stray dogs or litter?

  • Are there any articles in our local newspapers about animal welfare issues?
  • What do people who live in the local community and local councillors consider the issues are?
  • Is there a local RSPCA branch/animal centre? Have they got a website or do they produce a newsletter that explains what the problems are? (see In your area)

Find out

What can we do to make a difference?

  • Can we help someone who is already trying to solve the problem?
  • Do we need to make people aware of the issues, e.g. by organising a poster/leaflet campaign, writing to our local MP or developing a website?
  • Can we organise an event, e.g. a litter collection?

Take action

Make our ideas happen

  • How will we organise this?
  • Do we need to seek permission for some of our ideas, e.g. where we pin up posters?
  • How will we ensure that everyone taking part is safe?
  • How will we know whether our ideas have been successful?


How successful were we at making a difference to the problems?

  • What worked well?
  • What would we do differently?
  • Is there anything else we need to do?
  • Do we need to repeat what we have done again, e.g. every six months?

Download a PDF information sheet of these ideas (PDF 84KB).