Pets in school

Roborovski hamster in blue tube © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA Photolibrary


Is a school a suitable place to keep a pet?

Find out

How could we ensure that all the needs of a school pet are met?

  • What do all animals need?
  • Can these needs be met?
  • Who would look after the pet at weekends and during holidays?
  • Who would take the pet to the vet and pay for his/her treatment?
  • What does the law require? (see information on the Animal Welfare Act)
  • What does the RSPCA recommend?
  • What are the health and safety issues for the pupils and animal carers?
  • What are the alternatives, e.g. sponsoring a `wild¿ animal or sponsoring a dog kennel/cat pen/rabbit run in an RSPCA animal centre? (available at selected centres ¿ see the in your area section of our website)

Take action

Present your findings to the school

  • What recommendations will we make?
  • How will we organise sharing this information?
  • How will pupils and staff feed back their views?
  • Do we need to seek permission for some of our ideas, e.g. speaking at year group assemblies?


What do we do next?

  • What was the response to our recommendations?
  • How will we take this forward?
  • Are we confident that the way forward is in the best interests of animal welfare?

Download a PDF information sheet of these ideas (PDF 84KB) .