School grounds

Blonde hedgehog © Debbie Hunter/RSPCA


Are our school grounds a safe haven for animals or a no-go area?

Conduct a survey

What animals live in/visit our school grounds?

  • What animals can we see?
  • What evidence is there that animals visit our school grounds?
  • Are there some areas that might be dangerous for animals to live in or visit?
  • Are there places where animals can escape human attention if they need to?

Find out

What can we do to make our grounds more animal-friendly?

  • What are the benefits and issues of attracting animals to the school grounds?
  • What are the options for improving the situation?
  • How do we ensure that we choose long-term solutions?
  • How much time, space and money will we need?
  • Who could help us with these improvements?

Take action

Making our school grounds more animal-friendly

  • How will we organise this?
  • How will we make everyone aware of what our plans are?
  • How can we encourage people to help?
  • How will we ensure that everyone taking part is safe?
  • Do we need to seek permission for some of our ideas?
  • How will we know whether our ideas have been successful?


How animal-friendly are our school grounds now?

  • What is working well?
  • What would we do differently?
  • Is there anything else we need to do?
  • Do we need to review the situation at regular intervals, e.g. every six months?

Download a PDF information sheet of these ideas (PDF 84KB).