Summary of issues for primary schools councils to consider


Primary pupils © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA


  • Does litter hurt animals?
  • What can we do to stop this happening, e.g. recycling?
  • See the information about litter and animals

School grounds

  • Can we make our school grounds and playground a better place for wild animals to live?
  • How can we make sure we don't disturb animals when we're playing?
  • See the wildlife section of the RSPCA website



  • What do pets need to be happy and healthy for all of their lives?
  • Can a school give a pet everything it needs to be happy and healthy all of the time?
  • How can we help pets at different times of the year?
  • See the RSPCA's pet care information


  • What can we do to raise money to help the RSPCA?
  • See the information about fundraising on the RSPCA website


  • Are there any animals in danger from litter, pollution or traffic in our local community?
  • Is there anything we can do to help them?
  • Do we have a local RSPCA animal centre? How would they like us to help?
  • Find your local centre

Inside school

  • Can our shredded paper be used for animal bedding at our local RSPCA animal centre?
  • Are the cleaning products we use in school harmful to animals in any way? Could we use animal-friendly products instead?
  • See the RSPCA's animal-friendly schools guidance

Visitors with animals

Animal Welfare Footprint

Download a PDF information sheet of these ideas (PDF 92KB).