Summary of issues for secondary schools councils to consider


Secondary students © Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA

Fur trade/fashion

Live animal transport 

  • How long did our dinner spend on the road?
  • What can we do?
  • See the information on live transport on the RSPCA website

School as a consumer


  • We can all own pets - what kind of pet owners are we?
  • See the information on pets on the RSPCA website

Animals in the local community

  • Balloon release? Fireworks? Bonfires? School fêtes? Local events? Assistance dogs? Have we considered the impact of these on animals?
  • See the RSPCA's animal-friendly schools guidance 

Fundraising for the RSPCA

  • What can we do?
  • How would this be of benefit to animals?
  • See the information on fundraising on the RSPCA website

School visits, trips and visiting speakers

Animals in school/school grounds

Animals in the media

Animal Welfare Footprint

  • How are we contributing to animal welfare in our everyday lives?
  • How can we improve the lives of animals by making small changes?
  • Find out your Animal Welfare Footprint

Action we can take

  • Design a petition, collect signatures and deliver to the right person
  • Write a letter or email and send to our local press/MP/council, etc
  • Design leaflets and posters to raise awareness around our school and in the local community
  • Plan, prepare and deliver an assembly at our school or a local primary school
  • Organise a formal discussion - include other schools or outside speakers
  • Organise a whole-school vote on a particular issue
  • Prepare an article for our school newsletter/radio/website
  • Design a code of conduct/ground rules for a specific issue/event
  • Write or adapt a school policy
  • Make a drama production/video to raise awareness and/or money
  • Contribute to a Citizenship Day
  • Organise a school competition to promote our project
  • Take part in the quiz to find out what our Animal Welfare Footprint is.


  • Run a full campaign in school/for our local community using these ideas - we could include other agencies.