Animals and the law - Dogs and the law

In this activity, students consider different laws relating to dogs and other pets. This lesson only applies to legislation in England. 

Activites encourage students to explore the issues that affect dogs and that may or may not be covered by law. The lesson plan includes a series of worksheets and also encourages pupils to conduct their own research into issues that interest them. This is a quick and easy lesson to deliver with no additional materials required. A supporting presention is also available to download, providing visual prompts and videos. 

Download full lesson plan: Dogs and the law (PDF 228KB) 

Activity sheets:

Pets and the law quiz 

Pets and the law quiz - answers

Our attitude to dogs

The dog on the football field

Do you know the law about dogs?

Do you know the law about dogs? - answers

Fact sheets:

Mind Map Dogs 

Other laws about dogs


Welsh Resources

Many of our resources are also available in Welsh, please download the relevant documents below.

Lesson plan: Dogs and the law - Welsh (Word 5.5MB)