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Generation Kind's Paws for Change - bringing rescue dogs and young people together

Paws for Change is a dog training and care course, where young people learn about and bond with dogs from rescue backgrounds. In return, the dogs learn behaviours that help them to have more harmonious relationships with people.

The courses are offered a few times a year at some RSPCA locations, or if you have a dog at home you can join the course anytime through self-study.

In many cases, the dogs who participate in Paws for Change have not had the best start in life, and are learning to trust people again. They may be unsure, struggling to focus, or need some help with their confidence. 

They need your help to overcome these challenges. We will help guide you in how to do this, using kindness and patience for both ends of the lead. 

Ready to join Paws for Change?

Courses at RSPCA Animal Centres 

Self study course