Focus on dogs

In this activity, young people will begin to think about the consequences of having a dog that you encourage to be aggressive. The activity concentrates on the consequences of dog fighting, with a focus on informal fighting between dogs. It examines the impact of the fight on the dog itself.

Young people will:

  • explore what the consequences might be of having an aggressive dog
  • understand that dogs can cause serious injuries to animals, including other dogs
  • understand that dog fighting can be organised or spontaneous
  • know that dogs that have been attacked by other dogs or involved in either formal or informal dog
  • fights can sustain serious, painful and even fatal injuries
  • understand that it is essential for your dog to go to the vet if he/she has been bitten by another dog, otherwise your dog could suffer and could even die of an infection
  • understand that any involvement in dog fighting is against the law and allowing your dog to harm another animal is an animal cruelty offence. These could result in prosecution, a fine and a possible prison sentence
  • understand that dog attacks can be caused by any type or breed of dog ¿ not just banned types like pit bull terriers
  • learn that the owner of a dog is responsible for that dog¿s behaviour. If their dog attacks another dog or a person, it is the owner¿s fault.

Number of participants: You can run this activity with an individual or in a small group.

How long it will take:
 This activity will take approximately 45 minutes to complete in full. You do not have to complete every activity.

Included in this guide:

  • Activity sheets
  • Fact sheets