Focus on people

In this activity, young people will begin to think about the consequences of having a dog that you encourage to be aggressive. They look at photos of people with injuries that have been caused by attacks by dogs of different types and breeds. They are asked to imagine what the person felt like during and after the dog attack. They are then asked to imagine that the person in the photo was someone they cared about, and to talk about their feelings and what they would say to the dog owner.

Young people will:

  • explore what the consequences might be of having an aggressive dog
  • understand that a dog you encourage to be aggressive can be very dangerous when he/she comes into contact with people, including yourself, your loved ones and other animals, especially when the dog is out of control
  • know that dog attacks can cause serious injuries and even kill people
  • learn that serious and fatal dog attacks can happen in the family home by the `family pet¿
  • understand that dog attacks can be caused by any type or breed of dog ¿ not just banned types like pit bull terriers
  • learn that the owner of a dog is responsible for that dog¿s behaviour. If their dog attacks another dog or a person, it is the owner¿s fault.

Number of participants: You can run this activity with an individual or in a small group.

How long it will take:
The session will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Included in this guide:

  • Activity sheets
  • Fact sheets
  • Facilitators' notes