What are the reasons for wanting a dog?

In this activity the young person will explore their motivations for owning or wanting to own a dog. Young people will:

  • think about the reasons why they own a dog, or
  • think about the reasons about why they want to own a dog, and
  • explain why owning a dog is important to them.

It is extremely important that the information gathered in this session is used throughout all of the activities related to dogs. This will ensure that the intervention programme is suited to the needs of the young person and will provide a stronger basis for challenging unacceptable attitudes and behaviours.

Number of participants: We recommend you run this activity wiuth just one person.

How long it will take: The activities will take about 45 minutes altogether.

Download the full facilitation guide: What are the reasons for wanting a dog? (Word 660KB)

Included in this guide:

  • Facilitators' notes
  • Activity sheets