Campaign for animals

We have been campaigning for over 200 years to make animals’ lives better. But we can't do it alone. Can you help?

Last edited: 20/06/2024

Before you get started

RSPCA campaign goals

We're campaigning to:

  • Raise awareness for the welfare needs of our nation's pets and help pet owners to ensure the welfare needs of their pets are being met,
  • Improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible, at every stage of their lives,
  • Make sure wild animals are protected from human activity and unnecessary suffering,
  • Reduce the use of animals in experiments and reduce their suffering with a constructive and practical approach.


Promoting your campaign


Find a topic of interest

Spend time researching a variety of animal welfare campaigns to find one which inspires you.

We advise younger people view our other activities in the library and design a campaign activity of their own.

For anyone over the age of 16 we recommend our online campaigns page.


Write a summary

Spend time reflecting on your chosen campaign activity.

  • What did you find out in your research?
  • Why is the activity important to you?

Summarise your thoughts and findings on a single A4 page.



Promote the campaign to your school, family, social club or community in an informative way.

This could be by creating a video for social media*, designing a leaflet or writing and producing a presentation – you can choose a way that suits you. 

* Make sure to take a look at our guidelines on online safety.


Receive your certificate

Upload an image of your research or evidence of producing a campaign activity in a style that suited you.

Share your work to inspire others and celebrate what you’ve achieved!

Get a practical animal welfare certificate!

If you’ve just completed this activity, upload a photo and get your own animal advocacy certificate!

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