Introduction to animal welfare

Our key stage 1 lessons explore what animals need and want to live a good life through a series of videos.

Lessons are adaptable and flexible with wider learning opportunities depending on topics you are covering and the time you have available.

Completing a learning programme

Deliver content your way

We have a range of different ways to learn about animal welfare, with both informative lessons and practical activities.

For the best experience we suggest:

1. Watching our short explainer video about animal welfare.
2. Teaching one of our interactive lessons from below.
3. Completing a practical activity to receive a certificate.

Introduction to animal welfare

An assembly style session to kick-off your programme of learning.

Nutrition: A good diet for rabbits

Supply the right diet by offering fresh water and a variety of healthy, tasty food.

Two rabbis in hutch amongst the grass

Environment: Comfort and rest for dogs

Create a calm, safe and comfortable living space for animals to feel good.

Sleeping puppy in bed

Behaviour: Pigs on the farm

Provide appropriate company, with positive experiences and choices in an animal’s life for normal behaviour.

Four piglets on a farm gathered around a barn entrance.

Health: Litter free home for swans

Keep animals healthy, and seek help from a trained specialist when needed, so they are fit and feel good.

Swans and litter swimming in river

Suggested activities