Key stage 1 animal welfare education

Our key stage 1 lessons explore what animals need and want to live a good life through a series of videos.

Lessons are adaptable and flexible with wider learning opportunities depending on topics you are covering and the time you have available.

Boy inspecting wildlife with magnifying glass

Completing a learning programme

Deliver content your way

We have a range of different ways to learn about animal welfare, with both informative lessons and practical activities.

For the best experience we suggest:

1. Deliver our introduction/assembly found here.
2. Choose one (or more!) of the theory lessons from below.
3. Do an activity to receive a practical animal welfare certificate.
4. There are five customisable certificates to help you celebrate and inspire learning.

Woman and child reviewing information on laptop

Nutrition: A good diet for rabbits

Supply the right diet by offering fresh water and a variety of healthy, tasty food.

Two rabbis in hutch amongst the grass

Environment: Comfort and rest for dogs

Create a calm, safe and comfortable living space for animals to feel good.

Sleeping puppy in bed

Behaviour: Pig behaviour on the farm

Provide appropriate company, with positive experiences and choices in an animal’s life for normal behaviour.

Four piglets on a farm gathered around a barn entrance.

Health: Litter free home for swans

Keep animals healthy, and seek help from a trained specialist when needed, so they are fit and feel good.

Swans and litter swimming in river

Selected for you

Activities to do outdoors

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