Empowering the next generation of animal advocates

Welcome to our animal education website! The activities here are for anyone who wants to help children learn about animals, their behaviour and how to give them a better life.

Get downloadable certificates upon completing practical activities in five categories: nutrition, environment, behaviour, health, and advocacy. Celebrate your success!

Children learning about animals and wildlife at school

Why make animals' lives better?

We know animals have feelings

We can all help animals avoid negative feelings and ensure they have positive experiences instead. Watch our video to learn how we can make animals happier.

Newest activities

Make animals' lives better

Across the RSPCA

Teaching about nature and animals

Our Education and Community Engagement Hubs run animal welfare education programmes for vulnerable children, young people and families.

We know from research that one of the main reasons people neglect animals is because they don’t know how to take care of them properly. So our hubs team up with organisations like the police and NHS mental health to help communities understand that animals have feelings and needs, and ultimately, prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

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