Create a safe space for dogs

Does your dog have a safe space around the house? Make one so your dog can rest undisturbed and in comfort. It can be simple or more elaborate, if you prefer and space allows.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Consider the best place around your home

When finding a good spot, think about what area you would find restful. As you choose a safe space, find a spot that is:

  • Quiet, away from noises such as the television.
  • Calm, away from areas with people playing or walking by regularly.
  • Draught free, away from doors or areas of your home where there are temperature changes.
A living room with exposed wooden beams, brick fireplace, and modern amenities.


Creating your safe space


What is needed for a safe space?

As a bare minimum, just something comfortable for your dog to rest on. Consider looking for pillows or duvets that you no longer use as a simple strategy.

You might consider purchasing a dog crate; adding blankets over the sides can provide extra security and reduce noise.

Pillows stacked neatly on a stool next to a wicker basket.

Rules of the safe space

Providing a safe space for your dog means:

  • Dogs will be able to enter and leave as they wish. You can offer toys and treats to encourage use of the safe space but don’t try to force them in -that would be scary!
  • Do not enter the safe space when it is being used by a dog. You may enter their safe space when they leave to tidy.
  • The safe space is kept tidy and clean.

A black and tan dog resting on a soft bed with a toy.

Receive your certificate

Take a photograph preparing a safe space for your dog. We would love to see dogs using their beds, but don’t force it and turn any camera noises and flashes off.


Upload the photograph below to receive your certificate. Share your work to inspire others and celebrate what you have achieved.

A brown and white dog resting on a soft bed.

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