Living in harmony with animals

Are you worried about a child’s behaviour with animals? We’re here to offer you support and guidance with a range of activities and next steps based on your level of concern.

mum, dad, dog and little boy laughing together

Introduction to understanding animals

These are useful activities that focus on generating a positive human-animal relationship and understanding of animals. Ideal for when bringing a child into a family where an animal exists, or, when bringing an animal into a family where a child exists.

Young girl with her pet dog sitting together

Advice and support for concerns

We suggest the following tips to reduce risk of cruelty towards animals. You may also like to learn why children may be cruel towards animals.

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If you would like further advice...

Please contact us through and include the following information:

  • Outline your concerns (whether things have happened or not - so we can assess risk)
  • Age of the child/young person of concern
  • The best way we can contact you
Woman using laptop to find advice and support for minor concerns