Make bee drinking stations

Let's make a difference for our fuzzy friends! By setting up a refreshing drinking station, we can provide constant access to fresh water for bees and other wildlife.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Items you will need

Start with a shallow container for your bee drinking station. It could be an ice cream tub or an existing pool of water that you find.

Collect pebbles or small rocks to place in the water for the animals to stand on - these will create the drinking station.

Try to leave tap water out in the open for a few days to de-chlorinate before using it. Or use fresh rainwater, where possible.

Grey pebbles piled together in the sun.


Creating your drinking station


Place your drinking station

Choose an area to place your container. Bees prefer drinking warmer rainwater (it helps them maintain their body temperature for flying).

You could set up two stations to give wildlife a choice: one in shade and one in full sun. Let us know which station animals prefer!

Placing your water container near flowers will increase the chances of wildlife spotting a drinking opportunity.

A rustic bird bath created from a tree stump along with a variety of shells and rockery.

Creating your drinking station

Place your pebbles in different areas to make sure everyone has enough space.

Fill your container with water to a safe level for wildlife to drink from each drinking station.

Multiple bees drinking from wet rockery in a bird bath.

Receive your certificate

Take a photograph of your drinking station and share it with us below to receive your certificate.

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A singular bee perched on a rock drinking water.

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