Feed hedgehogs

Help hedgehogs boost their energy in spring and build fat reserves in autumn. You might also be able to see them while they eat and drink.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Items you will need

Shallow bowls or other containers.

Meaty hedgehog food from wildlife food suppliers, or other food that is healthy for hedgehogs, such as tinned dog or cat food, or crushed cat or dog biscuits.

Fresh water.


A structure to hide food from cats.


Create a hedgehog feeding station


Place the food

Late in the evening, place the food and water bowls anywhere in your garden. You may want to hide the food in a sheltered area to hide it from cats.


The best times to offer food and water for hedgehogs are spring (a boost of energy) and autumn (to help build fat reserves), but offering food and water all year round will benefit other wildlife.


Watch hedgehogs eat

If you are lucky enough to find a hedgehog eating or drinking, it’s best to observe them from a distance without lights on. Take videos or photographs – but remember not to use the flash!

Budding conservationists could use a camera trap to record hedgehogs and other wildlife in the area.


Replace food and water

Throw away any leftover food and water and clean the bowls each day. Do this outside with hot, soapy water and rinse well.

Replace the food and water late in the evening.


Receive your certificate

Take a photograph of your hedgehog food and water.

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