Feed waterfowl

Who doesn't love feeding the birds? But please leave the bread at home - it's not very healthy for them. Follow the activity below to make sure waterfowl get a nutritious snack when you're feeding them.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Food you should use

Healthy snacks for ducks and other waterfowl include oats, peas, lettuce, seeds, and rice. So there are lots of options you can use instead of bread to help the animals stay healthy.


Feeding waterfowl


Water or land?

First, check if your food items float or sink. Floating food is good for rivers, but if food sinks, consider placing it in a safe area on land for ducks to eat.

Note: Scatter food upstream of the birds so they have a chance to eat it, especially on fast-flowing days!


Scatter feed

Scatter food evenly among the birds to make sure everyone has a chance to eat.

Make sure you scatter near the birds, close enough for them to reach. Don’t throw food at them, it could distress them.


Receive your certificate

Take a photograph of the waterfowl you are feeding or show us the food you are using.

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