Keep hedgehogs safe

Make sure your garden or local area is safe for hedgehogs.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Health and safety

There are a range of ways to keep hedgehogs safe.

Make sure you wear the right protective gear when carrying out any gardening or DIY.

Check any planks of wood for nails before lifting them.

Always work with adults when you’re near a pond.


Keeping hedgehogs safe


No slug pellets

Slug pellets harm hedgehogs, so try other ways to protect your plants from slugs and snails.

Go outside at night time when slugs and snails are most active to collect them in a bucket.

Alternatively, place a plank of wood near your plants. Slugs and snails will likely sleep under the plank. You can then gently remove them and place them in a bucket.

Take your bucket of slugs and snails and place them in a new home away from your plants, such as a local woodland.


Ramps for exit points

Hedgehogs can swim, but they can find it difficult to climb out of ponds.

Any holes, like drainpipes, should be covered if possible. If it’s not possible to cover a hole (for example a cattle grid), provide a ramp for a safe exit.


Hedgehog check before gardening

Hedgehogs could be resting in your garden. Keep them safe by checking:

  • Your lawn and bushes before mowing or strimming
  • Compost piles before forking
  • Leaf piles before making a bonfire

If you find a hedgehog who is hibernating, gently put them back into their nest, re-cover with the nest material and leave the nest alone.

If the hedgehog isn't hibernating and has young hoglets, re-cover them with the nesting material and leave them alone. If this isn't possible, please contact us for more advice.


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