Make a hedgehog highway

Create tunnels to help hedgehogs travel freely. Could you even make a whole neighbourhood network?

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Talk to any neighbours

If your fence connects to a neighbouring garden, you will need permission to create tunnels for hedgehogs.

Here are a few points to discuss:

  • The benefits of a hedgehog highway
  • Ownership of fences
  • Pets who might try to get through the tunnel
  • Design of the tunnel (so it looks nice for your neighbours)


Make your hedgehog highway


Plan a network

Think about how hedgehogs might enter and leave your area.

One tunnel allowing entry from a natural habitat (for example, a woodland) will give hedgehogs the opportunity to visit your area.

A series of tunnels connecting different natural habitats and neighbours will give hedgehogs even more freedom to explore.

There may already be access points being used, such as underneath hedgerows, showing there are already hedgehogs in the area while offering other benefits to wildlife.


Create a tunnel

Always ask an adult for permission and help before you start. There are two ways to make a highway, but for each make sure the holes are a minimum of 13cm by 13cm (6 inches by 6 inches).

Cut through
Use a small saw to cut a section from a wooden gate or fence panel. Use clippers to snip through plastic or metal fences.

Dig under
Use a trowel to dig a tunnel under the barrier.


Safety check

Make sure to sand any wood to avoid splinters (or support our work by purchasing a frame from our store).

You could also create tunnels using wood, plant pots or pipes to keep hedgehogs safe from anything sharp. They might also help hedgehogs spot the highway!


Receive your certificate

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