Make a home for hedgehogs

Use bricks or other items to create a safe and comfortable space for hedgehogs to rest.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

No bricks? No problem.

Here are some alternative materials you could use:

  • Wooden logs or stumps
  • Piles of leaves
  • Plastic containers

Use these instructions as a guideline for your own designs and work with materials you can find easily.


Building your hedgehog house



You’ll need a shady, dry and quiet area, such as the corner of a garden. You may need to remove some soil to create a level base (keep the soil for later).


Layout your base and tunnel

Lay a single set of bricks on the ground to create an outline chamber and tunnel.

Make the base of your hedgehog house around 40cm by 30cm.

Include a tunnel sticking out of the house that’s around 13cm wide to prevent predators getting in.

Single set of bricks on the ground to create an outline chamber and tunnel for a hedgehog house.

Add height

Place a second (and third if possible) layer of bricks to build your hedgehog house. Overlapping bricks will make the walls stronger.


Add a roof and logs

Use a slab or sheet of wood for the top of your hedgehog house.

Stack logs, twigs and leaves around the house which will house a number of invertebrates for your hedgehog to eat.


Add soil and leaves

Add soil on top of the logs surrounding the house. Tip: look for topsoil from your local area as some people give it away for free. Sow wildflower seeds to benefit other wildlife.

Place a pile of dry leaves just by the entrance for your hedgehog to drag inside and use as bedding.



Place any food away from their house as they prefer to sleep away from their food.

Clean the house in October, as this is before hibernation and after hoglets leave.

First, check whether someone is staying in the hedgehog house by placing a lightweight item in the way of the entrance, such as a twig. If the twig has moved, someone is using your home and it’s best to leave the house alone.


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