Play time with cats

A good cat game means they can express natural behaviour by pouncing and catching unpredictable toys. Have fun and keep safe (both of you!). Don't have a cat? We might have a solution!

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Before you get started

Lets think.. what is it like to be a cat?

Cats generally enjoy hunting, so being able to use their claws and mouth to pounce and grab during playtime is a great choice.

Building (or buying) a wand toy will help them use their hunt instincts and give them something that’s satisfying to catch too.

Don't have a cat? Consider donating a wand toy to a friend, neighbour or local rescue centre.


Value of a wand toy


Wands keep you safe

Wands are sticks with items attached to the ends for cats to capture. Using a wand keeps sharp teeth and claws away from your hands, meaning you can play safely. 

You can purchase a wand or make your own (check out this video).


Play time!

Having a toy on a wand means you can drag and move it in different ways (think different speeds and directions).

You could also hide the toy, meaning your cat has to wait patiently for the perfect time to pounce (big, dilated eyes are a sign of focus!).

Make sure your cat has some opportunities to catch the toy. It's always good to end a play session when your cat has been able to capture the toy (you could also throw in a tasty treat).


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