Thank a farmer

Share your thank you messages for higher-welfare farmers, and we'll pass them along to the RSPCA Assured team.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

What is RSPCA Assured higher-welfare farming?

Higher-welfare farming includes a set of rules that make animals’ lives better, such as:

  • Pigs are not kept in cages, meaning sows (mother pigs) are free to live with their piglets and raise them naturally.
  • Chickens must have dust baths, raised perches and areas to feel safe when outdoors.
  • Cows must have environmental enrichment (like cow brushes, which they can use to groom and scratch themselves) and access to suitable pasture for as much of the year as possible.


Ideas for your thank you message


Draw a picture

Draw your favourite farm animal living a good life. They could be:

  • Drinking fresh water or eating healthy food.
  • Resting in a comfortable and safe space.
  • Being with their friends.
  • Having fun around the farm.


Send your thanks

Write a thank-you message for farmers who go above and beyond to make a good life for animals.


Receive your certificate

Take a photograph of your thank-you message (we’ll share your message with higher-welfare farmers).

Upload the photograph below to receive your certificate. 

Share your work to inspire others and celebrate what you’ve achieved!

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