Make a wish for animals

Let us know what you would wish for to make animals' lives better.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Why this is important

Making a wish for animals is a powerful way to inspire people to think creatively about solutions. This practice fosters empathy and responsibility, teaching the importance of living in harmony with all animals and instilling a positive mindset that shows we can all make a difference.

Supporting documents

Download a worksheet here.


Writing your wish


What should I wish?

Your ideas can come from the work of the RSPCA, other organisations, or from your own belief.

Before writing your wish, think about whether it should focus on 'animals', 'people' or the 'planet'.

At times, before we can make animals’ lives better, we have to inspire people or make a healthier world.


Keep your wish positive

Phrase your wishes with a positive spin.

Rather than saying ‘we want people to stop being cruel towards animals’, try to reframe it as 'we want people to be compassionate towards animals'.


What impact will your wish create?

What impact will you make for animals, people, or the planet if your wish comes true?

Here are some examples: 


  • My wish coming true means dogs can live happily in a loving home. 

  • If my wish came true, all dogs could lead a healthy life.


Receive your certificate

Take a photograph or screen grab of your wish and upload it to receive your advocacy certificate.

Perhaps you could share your wish on social media and see if others agree? We love hearing what others think.

Get a practical animal welfare certificate!

If you've just completed this activity, upload a photo and get your own animal advocacy certificate!

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