Write to your local council

Be a voice for animals and inspire your local council to make animals’ lives better.

Last edited: 11/04/2024

Before you get started

Choose a topic

What animal welfare issues are you passionate about? Choose a cause to write about or pick from one below. Click the link to learn more about each topic.

Topic ideas


Writing your letter


Solution-focused letter template

Our template can help you write your letter. Our advice is to:

  • Explain why you’re writing
  • Enquire about the council’s current and future position on your chosen topic
  • Provide suggestions for improvement


Sending your letter

You can search for your local council on the government website.

You should be able to find a ‘contact us’ option on your local council website.


Receive your certificate

Upload a photograph or screenshot of your letter below and receive your certificate. 

Share your work to inspire others and celebrate what you’ve achieved!

Get a practical animal welfare certificate!

If you’ve just completed this activity, upload a photo and get your own animal advocacy certificate!

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