Breaking the chain

Breaking the chain is our intervention programme which explores and tackles the issues surrounding young people and animal cruelty.

Breaking the chain was produced with the help and guidance of teachers and Youth Offending Teams. 

We have also produced a free online interactive resource to support the programme, which looks at case studies of cruelty incidents and asks the young person to consider the impact of cruelty to animals.

How to use Breaking the chain 

  • Consider the best learning style for the young person you are working with. Younger people or those with learning difficulties may respond better to kinaesthetic ('doing' an activity which involves movement and interaction) than they would to activies which require reading and writing.
  • Take note of any special advice on which order the activities should be completed in. Some activities are designed to naturally follow another, so we might suggest doing another activity first.
  • If you are confused, have any problems with our resources or would like to provide some feedback on our resources, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!